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A large team of Googlers have been working on a secret project: a next-generation architecture for Google's web search called Google Panda.

It is the biggest update since the Google Caffine update in 2010. It has caused a big stir causing even well optimized sites to drop out of the top results pages.

From: Noel Dundas Updated     

If you are sending out emails of your offers periodically or paying to drive traffic to your site regularly, the changes to how search engines read your site will probably not effect you too much. Simply keep on paying out month after month.

If you want some of the free targeted traffic from the billions of searches each day, then you had better sit up and take notice of SEO techniques.

Things just got a lot harder.

The Google Panda update is the biggest change since 2010 and is likely to make SERPs a lot more competitive by increasing the relavancy of search terms to produce better quality results -

Google's Matt Cutts admits "This update is primarily under the hood: we’re rewriting the foundation of some of our infrastructure. But some of the search results do change."

More accuate results can only be good however this may cause some anguish for Webmasters of sites which are not optimized because initial indications are the focus has shifted.

We did some experiments ourself using one of our own sites which is already well optimized to see how it might affect us.

Experiment #1 - Search for "canine diabetes symptoms" on

It is a very specific and often used search term and as expected our site was presented on page one of the search results; it was at position #4 with all the usual competitor sites.

Experiment 1

Experiment #2 - Search for "canine diabetes symptoms" After the Google Panda update

Our site was pushed up slightly to position #3 on page one, but four things of interest stood out:

Experiment 2
  1. Our optimization seems to still pay off - We still ranked high on page #1.
  2. There was only one entry for each domain - All duplicates had gone.
  3. There were over 100,000 more results (competitors) from the new search.
  4. Some of the competitor sites were very different from the "usual crowd".

That last point is extremely interesting. The top 2 competitor sites were still there but where were our other 3 rivals? Well we tracked 2 down on page #5 and another on page #8.

If that sent a shiver down your spine, then you are way ahead of me.

Experiment Results Round-up

The focus of the search results is going to be on relevancy – A well optimized site with lots of quality related content is likely to win over other sites. If your site is well optimized already and you have lots of quality content then you probably have little to worry about.

Google will be crawling and indexing more pages than ever to bring more results which are directly relevent to the search query. Relevant site content and clean code structure is more important than ever so now is the time to make sure your site is well optimized or you will undobtedly be forced down and lose out to those which are.

Web-Site Optimization - Are you Ready?

You can employ a search engine optimization company to improve search engine rankings for you.

They will evaluate your site on the keywords you supply on a page by page basis; a good SEO company's services can benefit the quality of your site traffic enormously.

SEO Company

However, their services do not come cheap and the more pages your site has, the more expensive it can get.

Keyword Research

Good keyword research is fundamental in any Search Engine Optimization campaign and it is not all that difficult, once you know how.

If we can get our site on Page #1 of a search using highly relevant search terms without advertising, why can't you improve web-site search engine rankings too?

Don’t think you need any seo techniques?

"If you are not prepared for the future of search, your site and your business will suffer." - (Source WebProNews)

"If you want to succeed online, you need to make sure your site is front and center when people are searching." (Source EcomBuffet SEO Specialists)

Making your web site "Search Engine Friendly" will give you the edge over sites which are not - we proved that in our little experiment - leaving competitors to pay to advertise while you sit back and take advantage of the millions searching the internet each day without it costing you a thing.

And it is Not Difficult!

This comprehensive guide can be used as a blueprint to take you step by step though all the tasks, explaining why as well as showing you how to perform them in the right order.

Think how you can benefit from SEO Techniques:

Check Mark1 Discover how to do the right things in the right order.
  Doing the right things in the right order will save you time and money and this guide will explain exactly what you need to do, step by step.
Check Mark2 Learn how to do effective keyword research.
  Keyword research always seems the most complex and yet it isn't and it is probably one of the most important aspects. Get it wrong and you will struggle. This guide explains how to do your research, the tools to use, where to get them and even how using free tools correctly can benefit you.
Check Mark3 Ho to find keywords with high search and little competition.
  Targeting relative terms with high search volume and little competition is a sure-fire way of getting targeted visitors to your site. 1,000 visitors who are interested in your offers are far more valuable than 100,000 random visitors.
Check Mark3 Discover the myths surrounding SEO.
  Learn the myths about search engine strategies and why by following some of these myths, may even get your site banned from listings! This guide teaches you how to embrace search engines to give them what they want in return for giving you what you desire, quality traffic at no cost to you.
Check Mark4 Discover how to identify your target audience.
  Targeting the wrong audience simply wastes time, money and causes frustration. Learn how to discover your target market so that you can attract more potential customers at no cost.
Check Mark5 Learn how to optimize your site by simply editing a few simple lines.
  Even if you have no knowledge of HTML or XHTML, this guide walks you through the process, detailing the "tags" to alter, where to locate them, and how to make the most of your chosen keywords.
Check Mark6 Learn how to beat off the competition.
  Discover how to make the most of external in-bound links to get your site listed faster and to climb above your competitors in the search results even if they are advertising. Not all external links to your site are beneficial; find out why, which to avoid and which to embrace.
Check Mark7 Instant Download in Industry Standard PDF Format.
  No hidden extras, shipping charges or waiting. Right after your order you can get instant access to download the entire package. This Portable Document Format is cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac, Lynix etc.)

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Website Toll Booth Traffic Toll Booth is an EASY to use/ EASY to install website script that gives you all the information about your web traffic that many web hosts don't provide.

The advanced visit logs tell you:

IP Addresses, Language, Browser, Operating System, Is User New To site?, Date and Time, Last Visit, Days Since Last Visit, Referrer Page, Keywords Used To Search.

This is a PHP script and can be installed EASILY!

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Offer internet connection speed testing on your site with Web Radar. No complicated cgi scripts... simply upload the html page and you're ready to go!

Web Radar supports dial up, DSL, Cable, and many other internet connections.

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Is Your Website Working Properly? Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!

Domain Alarm sits in your system tray and immediately lets you know if your site or sites are not working properly....

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eZy Java Popup Wizard makes it easy to make popup's for your website... Simple Copy and Paste!

Small and compact. Extremely easy to use. Check your options, put in the link to popup and size, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site!

Includes the required qtintf70.dll in case you need it on your system...

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With Amazing Web Tools there is Only ONE 'Master Download' eBook required to download all the files. That means there's no need to upload anything to your web host except the website files and the 'Master Download' eBook!  Offer your customers Only One Small Product to offer Everything in the Package.

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